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She’s been named “auteur,” “cinematic force,” “powerhouse,” and most recently “cinematic genius” from magazines to news outlets like CBS, NBC, and WB. That she is, Tiffany Rhodes, she is the modern-day Orson Welles. Rhodes writes, directs, shoots, and acts.

Digital Journal

In Match Struck, Rhodes as the director artfully shuffles the story of an infamous novelist who struggles with her addiction and its direct connection to her writing.

Entertainment Monthly

Tiffany Rhodes: Cinematic Mastermind Who Is Creating Her Own Genre

Tiffany Rhodes is more than just a filmmaker, she is a visionary. She looks outside of herself and examines the world around her, taking inspiration from her life, history and her peers. Her work challenges societal norms and existence as we know it with each piece she releases becoming another puzzle piece on the board used to examine life in a new way - exposing the internal contradiction of the human condition. 

CWORD Magazine, UK

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